Being A Woman of Faith in Our Present Time

(I delivered this message at Delta Baptist Church Women's Tea Party on  May 26, 2018 at Pittsburg, California with the theme Women of Faith.) Much-Afraid Story Do you remember your favorite allegory when you were young? As a literary device, an allegory is a metaphor in which a character, place or event is used to deliver a broader message about real-world issues and occurrences. My favorite is the story of a lady named Much-Afraid. She lived with her relatives in the Valley of Humiliation. Some of her cousins were Pride, Self-pity, Bitterness, Gloomy, and Graven Fear. Much-Afraid escaped from her relatives and went with the Chief Shepherd to the High Places. Her journey to the High Places speaks so much of what each and every one of us experience, especially as we dare follow Christ. Early on her journey, just when she thought she was going straight up to the mountains, her path meanders into the desert. As far as her eye could see there seemed to be nothing bu